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I think that Danny has raised an excellent point and I would like to hear from staff on this issue.


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As of late, I have noticed that when a Call for Comments is issued to the at-large community, the time-frame for providing comments in response to the Call is far from sufficient.  Below I have listed the last eight Call for Comment cycles (announcement dates and comment closure dates are shown); the available time for comments can at best be described as a few days.  A few days is simply not enough time for most individuals, and I can't imagine that organizational entities would take any comfort in the present arrangement.  It would be appreciated if something could be done to improve the present situation.

1.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on the Public Call by the Stability, Security and Resilience of the DNS Review Team    

Announced 01 April    
Deadline  03 April

2.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on the Proposed Framework for the FY12 Operating Plan and Budget    

Announced 04 April    
Deadline  04 April

3.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on the Post-Expiration Domain Name Recovery Working Group Proposed Final Report    

Announced 20 April
Deadline  22 April

4.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement to the ICANN Board on the RAA Negotiations    

Announced 22 April    
Deadline  29 April    

5.  Call for Comments:  JAS WG Second Milestone Report    

Announced 08 May    
Deadline  09 May

6.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on the Proposal for Renewal of the .NET Registry Agreement    

Announced 11 May    
Deadline  15 May

7.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on Academia Representation on NomCom    

Announced 20 May    
Deadline  25 May

8.  Call for Comments:  ALAC Statement on eG8 Forum    

Announced 20 May    
Deadline  22 May    

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