[IDN-WG] IDN // towards a call for inputs

Nick Ashton-Hart nick.ashton-hart at icann.org
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Of course I would be very happy to make the arrangements for a  
teleconference. IDNs will be one of the major, if not the biggest,  
single issues being debated in New Delhi. I can also arrange for a  
member of staff in this area to be on the teleconference to brief if  
that's useful - though at this point the knowledge of participants in  
the community is considerable.

Perhaps Doodle, the tool discovered by Sebastien Bachollet, could be  
used to find a time/date that works for others? Here's a link: http://www.doodle.ch/participation.html?pollId=hiqr4ydfrvwms5sh

This will allow you to pick from amongst several times - all are in  
UTC - on several days. We can then use the time in common for the  


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On 23 Jan 2008, at 08:36, Cheryl Langdon-Orr wrote:

> Hi everyone... Thank you for making these plans Fatimata...  However  
> I have a couple of points I would like you all to consider:-
> The first call proposed is an excellent plan ->if it is done before  
> our New Delhi Meeting as we will also be working on this topic with  
> ALAC and RALO Secretariats at that meeting on some agenda(s)...  and  
> I certainly hope this gets support from the rest of the ALAC IDN-WG
> The Second call is perhaps not so essential right now... As the IDNC- 
> WG is already established  (Hong and I are our representatives on  
> it) and that ccNSO/GNSO/GAC/ ALAC – WG  will be conducting a public  
> workshop on Monday afternoon in New Delhi  1500 – 1900hrs (actual  
> time will be 1800 for ending I’m assured) and that will be a better  
> base for further At-Large discussions to be taken from (in my opinion)
> Also the interim report from the IDNC-WG will soon be ready for  
> input by our constituencies, (the close of WG comments on the draft  
> of this document closes on 28th January)  and that too will provide  
> a set of concrete issues to further our discussion from...
> Hong and i will release this draft to you all (and the RALO lists)as  
> soon as it is released to us as a final draft...
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> Dear Colleagues,
> After reading the files Jacqueline has sent (the IDNC - GNSO Msg to  
> ICANN Board 8 Jan 07  and the Board letter on GNSO resolution) and  
> Nick s mail regarding the extension of the input period into Issues  
> Report for the IDN ccPDP, I would like to suggest that we work out 2  
> calls for input to the ALAC community for
> Issues Report for the IDN ccPDP
> Following GNSO recommendation, statement of work of an independent  
> working group to be created on fast track IDN TLDs or new gTLDs
> Please let me know what you think about this before we proceed on  
> drafting the call (s) together,  Thanks.
> Best,
> Fatimata
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