[At-Large] History of Internet and Internet Governance: Events in Chennai region

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Thanks Sivasubramanian for sharing this interesting experience. It is an inspiration for us.
Best wishes to ISOC India Chennai
Best regards,
Victor Ndonnang
Secretary General ISOC Cameroon Chapter.

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*Almost at Zero Budget, three short duration events happened at Isoc India
Chennai, an AT Large Structure of the APRALO region, in three locations,
4-6 hours of travel between the locations. Dr Olivier Crepin LeBlond, Chair
of ICANN At Large led a session on IPv6 at Technoforum, Pondichery where I
was asked to organize another 3 hour session on the History of Internet and
Internet Governance. Olivier was kind enough to extend his stay in India by
two days to visit Bharathidasan Institute of Management, one of India’s
most renowned Business Schools, at Trichy, and Karunya University at
Coimbatore, made possible largely by ISOC Chapter Secretary Sarto
Rajendran’s efforts. *

The sessions on the three locations followed a simple pattern. While
Olivier as the Technical Expert had the tough task of going deeper into the
technical aspects in a plain language without compromising on the need for
precision, my presentation was a ‘rough’ history of Internet and Internet
Governance, prepared as a relatively non-technical introduction.

Jonathan Zittrain and Rebecca Mackinnon instantly replied to the email
messages sent for permission to screen videos of their talks, so on the
non-technical part a Jonathan Zittrain’s talk on “The Future of Internet”
and Rebecca MacKinnon’s Personal Democaracy Forum and TED talks on “Consent
of the Networked” could be included which became an excellent primer on
Internet Governance issues to create interest.

The topics revolved around the History of Internet and Internet Governance
in all three locations, but at BIM the theme was “Internet for Business:
Permissionless Innovation”.

Please take a look at the slides embedded in the Chapter

We are thankful to Olivier for his extended stay as a pleasant Guest to
reach out to a total of a little over 1000 students in 4 days ! We are
thankful to B.I.M <http://www.bim.edu/>, and Karunya
<http://karunya.edu/>for the opportunity at short notice.

The presentations are embedded at http://isocindiachennai.org/?p=856

*The rough history of Internet Governance for a non-technical audience is
far from complete as a full presentation by itself. The presentation in its
present form offers a glimpse, at best. We would invite comments on this
prezi presentation to help us develop this into a more accurate
presentation, with a libre office version, with more pictures and more
videos and a fair coverage of the most important of the Internet pioneers.

Sivasubramanian M
ISOC India Chennai

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