[At-Large] History of Internet and Internet Governance: Events in Chennai region

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Thanks Sivas.

It is good to see some of one's own positions embraced.  A good validation
exercise indeed.

I like the tone of the reporting on OCL's declarations, too.  Way to go,

- Carlton

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On Wed, Feb 8, 2012 at 5:10 PM, Sivasubramanian M <isolatedn at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hello
> *Almost at Zero Budget, three short duration events happened at Isoc India
> Chennai, an AT Large Structure of the APRALO region, in three locations,
> 4-6 hours of travel between the locations. Dr Olivier Crepin LeBlond, Chair
> of ICANN At Large led a session on IPv6 at Technoforum, Pondichery where I
> was asked to organize another 3 hour session on the History of Internet and
> Internet Governance. Olivier was kind enough to extend his stay in India by
> two days to visit Bharathidasan Institute of Management, one of India’s
> most renowned Business Schools, at Trichy, and Karunya University at
> Coimbatore, made possible largely by ISOC Chapter Secretary Sarto
> Rajendran’s efforts. *
> The sessions on the three locations followed a simple pattern. While
> Olivier as the Technical Expert had the tough task of going deeper into the
> technical aspects in a plain language without compromising on the need for
> precision, my presentation was a ‘rough’ history of Internet and Internet
> Governance, prepared as a relatively non-technical introduction.
> Jonathan Zittrain and Rebecca Mackinnon instantly replied to the email
> messages sent for permission to screen videos of their talks, so on the
> non-technical part a Jonathan Zittrain’s talk on “The Future of Internet”
> and Rebecca MacKinnon’s Personal Democaracy Forum and TED talks on “Consent
> of the Networked” could be included which became an excellent primer on
> Internet Governance issues to create interest.
> The topics revolved around the History of Internet and Internet Governance
> in all three locations, but at BIM the theme was “Internet for Business:
> Permissionless Innovation”.
> Please take a look at the slides embedded in the Chapter
> We are thankful to Olivier for his extended stay as a pleasant Guest to
> reach out to a total of a little over 1000 students in 4 days ! We are
> thankful to B.I.M <http://www.bim.edu/>, and Karunya
> <http://karunya.edu/>for the opportunity at short notice.
> The presentations are embedded at http://isocindiachennai.org/?p=856
> *The rough history of Internet Governance for a non-technical audience is
> far from complete as a full presentation by itself. The presentation in its
> present form offers a glimpse, at best. We would invite comments on this
> prezi presentation to help us develop this into a more accurate
> presentation, with a libre office version, with more pictures and more
> videos and a fair coverage of the most important of the Internet pioneers.
> *
> Sivasubramanian M
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