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Hi Folks

The  CROPP funding has been approved for FY 18 which includes the NARALO
 five trips from July 1, 2017  to June 31, 2018
As all RALOs,   NARALO has to create a Strategic Outreach strategy for this
period and in the past year we used all our trips ( last one to be used in
May) for the current fiscal period and it resulted in  two new  ALS's and
10 Unaffiliated members and undocumented good will and engagement at each
of the events.

We need to ask your opinions on this year's plan

1. Who and where should our focus be?
2. What events should we attend?
3. How can the plan be integrated with Chris Modini's plan
4. What restrictions should we have?
6 What is reasonable expectations
7 Who is interested in attending a CROPP trip, and what is the event of

The new  plan will follow the same format as last year.
Here is the shared google doc for edits for this year

*Below is the FY 17 plan*
*1.0 FY'17 Overview*

*NARALO's  Outreach and Engagement Plan* for FY 17 takes a two part
approach, First we need to  take  stock of the gaps and opportunities of
the existing ALS population.  Secondly, once this is done we can use the
results of the analysis to help shape the Outreach/Engagement plan moving
to close the gaps and recruit potential volunteers and also engage the
current ALS volunteers we do have.

Changes in approach for the FY 17

We  wanted to encourage new travellers/ALS members to take advantage of the
 trips we have been providing regular updates on all the NARALO calls by
the travellers.   Except for  the IGF  USA  trip all the other trips focus
on single person travel.   We  decided after the poor  representation at
the  NTEN event to discontinue attending this conference.   Another  new
 onus is completing the  CROPP trips  early in the early vs the late
entries.   We have have seen in previous years  submissions made in late
winter posing logistical problems for  staff.  This year three of the five
submissions have been in May 2016  for the FY 17 year.
1.1  Gap Analysis

   - ARIN trip in October in Houston, Texas. Note that  ARIN and NARALO
   have a MOU and efforts are being made to be colloborative and informative
   to their community
   - No reps from SouthWest  USA
   - No preps from Canadian  Praires( Two  ALS decertified in Praires)
   - No reps in NorthWest  USA
   - No  Canadian First Nations group( E Manitoba decertified)
   - Only one ALS in Midwest USA

1.2   Volunteer  Recruitment

   - Another  approach is find new groups on their specific interest so
   they have  a specific interest in the  ICANN ecosytem

1.3 Clarity of Plan

To identify the opportunities  to enable some of the NARALO members to
outreach to a specific  audiences to educate them on the value of ICANN,
ALAC and specifically NARALO. In addition in underserved sectors we will
deliberately do outreach for recruitment to become new  ALS's.
*1.4 Attributes of Participants*

   - Positive attitude to proactive marketing
   - Confident and supported by  RALO
   - Focused and purposeful
   - Proven track record
   - Preparation of the target market to educate
   - Awareness of the ICANN ecosystem

*1.5 Environmental Factors*

   - Research completed on existing ALS participation, absence and issues
   - Event has  opportunities to promote, speaking engagement and
   networking  opportunities
   - Match of  NARALO goals and event's mission
   - Endorsement of NARALO of  event schedule

*1.6 Skills of Participants*

   -  Assumption that the sponsored NARALO member is willing and able to
   present to an audience, conduct interviews, do radio interviews and more
   - Understand importance of  social media reporting
   - Prompt reporting of  event and followup

*1.7 Plan Implementation Timelines*

May              Draft plan prepared and discussed at Outreach & Engagement

June            Plan Submitted to NARALO for Approval. Adoption of Plan and
submission of Trips

July             First Cropp Trips to IGF-USA

Oct. to June  Completion  of the Five CROPP  trips
*1.8 Proposed  Trips *

*This trips listed below are suggestions based upon interest expressed in
the past by NARALO Members*
*Trip ONE and  Trip Two July 14- New travellers*


Two  travellers   Seth Reiss and Louis Houle

*Gap Analysis:   US Wide event *
*Trip Three- November - New  traveller*

Tom Lowenhaupt

*GAP  Analysis:*
*Trip Four - October - New  traveller*

Leah Symekher

ARIN Meeting

*www.arin.net <http://www.arin.net/>*

*Gap  Analysis:  ARIN MOU*
*Trip Five*


*Traveller: Judith Hellerstein*

*Gap  Analysis:   South Western Region of the United States*
*1.9  Conclusion*

We are pleased to submit the updated FY 17 strategic plan for  critical

Glenn McKnight
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