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A quick update

The nomination period closes on May 12th and we have to date  two positions
that will have more than one person nominated and accepted.   This is after
our May 8th monthly meeting.


12 May 2017

Nominations Close.

13 May 2017

NARALO Call– for positions where all nominees have either accepted or
rejected the nomination (if required), the NARALO Chair will attempt to
seek consensus on who to select. This can either be a separate call or the
Normal NARALO meeting

15 May 2017

Deadline for Nomination Acceptance. Self-nominations need not be accepted.

22 May - 26 May 2017

For any position(s) where consensus was not reached during a NARALO
meeting, an electronic poll of NARALO ALSes and unaffiliated members will
be conducted.

*Note: The vote procedure will be conducted based on relevant sections
outlined in the NARALO Operating Principle. In an event of a tie for the
NARALO ALAC Member (2017 AGM - 2018 AGM) selection, Section 19 of
the NARALO Operating Principle <https://community.icann.org/x/ThvRAg> will
be applied*

We have in the past. when we have multiple people nominated we have a* Meet
the Candidate *call and each candidate has an opportunity to explain their
motives for standing for office.    We will wait till the nomination period
is finished to determine the number of persons and positions before
schedule a purpose call.


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