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FYI, as received - Dev Anand

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Hello Dev,

I am responding to the comments assertions which were made by Eric
Brunner-Williams at Wed Mar 6 18:20:02 UTC 2013, which are duly noted
and accessible at

For the record, and for the ALAC's full clarification and understanding:

We indeed promptly shared the DotHealth, LLC PIC Specification with
the ADG of the World Health Organization (WHO) via e-mail (9:34PM
Eastern Time on 3/5/13), as well as with the leadership and primary
contact points at the NABP and our other supporting organizations on
3/5/13 - roughly hours after it had been submitted to ICANN.  We also
provided background information surrounding the ICANN
request/recommendation for PIC specifications.  If necessary, such
individuals can be directly contacted regarding these matters, and for
which I'd be happy to attempt to facilitate if needed.
Today, we posted the DotHealth, LLC PIC specification on our web site
(http://dothealthgtld.com/news.html) and which was uploaded to the
ICANN New gTLD web site less than 3 hours ago.
The "modality" of such commitments (as Eric suggests in his comments)
are in direct response to WHO Executive Board Resolution 10.5, the
follow on directives from the WHO's Director General for this tabled
resolution, as well as in consideration of DotHealth's previous,
current and continued dialogue with the Assistant Director General of
the WHO regarding the .health TLD and the DotHealth, LLC application

As it has been advised that only members of the ALAC should be posting
comments on its community forums, and having respect for these
established processes and rules, I will leave it to you to decide on
how this information is further communicated to your colleagues and
peers in the ALAC.

Sincerely yours,
Andy Weissberg

Andy Weissberg, Co-founder & CEO
DotHealth, LLC

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