[NA-Discuss] On the cost of application, and Joint Application Support related

Eric Brunner-Williams ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net
Sun Apr 3 20:38:37 UTC 2011

On 4/3/11 10:46 AM, Alan Greenberg wrote:
> I can't speak on behalf of ALAC, but I can say why I opposed the
> "look at the 100k item"

Cost of application, and Joint Application Support related.

In the discussion arising from a Draft ALAC statement on the SSR-RT 
Set of Issues, drafted by Olivier Crepin-Leblond, in the context of 
the cost of the DNSSEC requirement, an ALAC contributor has opined 
that imposing a $100k cost for all technical issues is a negligible 
burden, within a larger budget of "about 1M US$ soley for the ICANN 
related burocracy".

As the date for consensus set by the drafter is today, and the ALAC 
contributor holding the views cited above has not responded to a set 
of questions on the necessity and utility of requirements 
substantially in excess of those imposed on all but 9 of the existing 
332 registry operators, and substantially in excess of the
requirements met by the .aero, .coop, .museum, and .pro operators in
2001/2002, and the requirements met by the .cat operator in 2004/2005, 
it is unlikely that there will be an ALAC consensus statement on the 
SSR-RT Set of Issues.

I find it amazing that anyone has the self-assurance to use the ALAC's 
comment on the SSR-RT issues to advocate that applications with less 
than seven figures of capitalization, a tenth of which is allocated to 
meeting initially non-functional DNSSEC and v6 requirements, have 
insufficient capitalization and/or subject matter competency, and 
should be expected to fail operationally post-delegation, or be failed 
administratively prior to delegation.


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