[NA-Discuss] The TLD-less NYC

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Apr 3 14:46:25 UTC 2011

I can't speak on behalf of ALAC, but I can say why I opposed the 
"look at the 100k item" initially in the WG and later supported the 
ALAC recommendation to exclude it from the new Charter.

I strongly believe that reductions in this component are warranted 
for some select group of disadvantaged applicants. But I believe that 
if ICANN does this, it will be from a willingness to help such 
applicants (or perhaps more important, their planned TLDs). This is 
for two reasons:

- the original development of the $100k involved, among other things, 
a complex statistically-based simulation of various possibilities. 
Even if it was incorrectly done, we are not likely to be able to 
identify the flaw in any post-analysis that we can do;

- I believe that there are Board members who are more likely to 
reject our entire package if questioning the $100k is a major component.


At 03/04/2011 09:18 AM, Avri Doria wrote:

>On the other hand that is not a reason, at least not for me, to 
>delay or cancel the program.  But it is why I spend hours and hours 
>on the Support Wg for applicants from developing economies (JASWG) issues.
>ALAC on the other hand probably didn't agree, since they removed the 
>work item from the JASWG charter that involved investigating the 
>100KUSD segment of the fee to see where further reductions for 
>applicants from developing regions might be justified.

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