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Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Sun Apr 3 13:18:12 UTC 2011


I totally agree about the pricing issue.  There is so much that is wrong with the way the new gTLD program is being priced.  

On the other hand that is not a reason, at least not for me, to delay or cancel the program.  But it is why I spend hours and hours on the Support Wg for applicants from developing economies (JASWG) issues.  

ALAC on the other hand probably didn't agree, since they removed the work item from the JASWG charter that involved investigating the 100KUSD segment of the fee to see where further reductions for applicants from developing regions might be justified.

You mentioned the technical plan.  I agree that there needs to be a "technical plan that won't screw up everyone else", but even on the ICANN implementation went overboard, requiring every new gTLD to meet Verisign size technical requirements - even to point of requiring IPv6 support - which a purely political requirement.

But then again, the fact that the program is not perfect is no reason for me to delay or cancel the program.  Only a reason to work to see its 'availability to all' improved in this round and the next.


On 3 Apr 2011, at 07:53, Jean Armour Polly wrote:

> Avri said:
>> To be honest, I don't really  see
>> - why NYC needs a gTLD.
>> - why anyone would want a .sport
>> - or who should care about a .mine
>>   for some value of .mine
>> but so what?
>> they think they need one.
>> or they think someone else needs one.
>> and that is good enough for me.
> I agree with Avri. Also agree with John that the barrier of entry moneywise weeds out quite a few flowers before they get a chance to get into a seed packet, and to mix a metaphor, many have and will die on the vine. But if someone wants to enter that marketplace, and has a technical plan that won't screw up everyone else, why not? ICANN's answer is always colored by hmm, how will they sue us if we approve this? and let's not forget the ever-popular, "but what will the GAC say?"
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