[lac-discuss-en] To all members - from John Laprise about Social Media (SoMe) working group.

Vanda Scartezini vanda at scartezini.org
Sun Jun 3 18:20:37 UTC 2018

Hello everyone!

I’m John Laprise, NARALO ALAC representative and Social Media (SoMe) WG chair and I’m writing to you today seeking your help. From a SoMe management perspective, it’s clear that managing and coordinating global SoMe for At Large is an impossible and ultimately futile task, that’s why we’re devolving it to the RALOs and that’s where you come in. The two attachments to this email are an overall global SoMe strategy and a SoMe best practices document.
Share these widely within your RALO ALSs and individual members.

Briefly what this means is that I would like each RALO to identify their own SoMe leaders leverage their expertise, language capacity, and knowledge to coordinate RALO focused SoMe activities. I will work with the chairs of these SoME subcommittees to develop capacity where needed and otherwise provide support. Furthermore, these subcommittees will when relevant, forward globally relevant content to Erin for posting by the At Large handle. We may move forward with RALO specific handles should there be consensus among the RALOs on this. The end goal here is to be responsible to local communities and be a relevant community to member interests in local languages.

Vanda Scartezini
Polo Consultores Associados
Av. Paulista 1159, cj 1004
01311-200- Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil
Land Line: +55 11 3266.6253
Mobile: + 55 11 98181.1464
Sorry for any typos.

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