[lac-discuss-en] Motion of NO Confidence - The Evidence of Failure to Uphold the Rules and Conspiracy to Deny the UWI ALS of its choice of representation

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 17:05:01 UTC 2015

The facts are as follows:

LACRALO was instituted as a meta-organisation to be run on principles of
consensus decision-making and on democratic principles of governance. These
ideals are documented in LACRALO organising instruments.

Nomination period for the post of LACRALO Delegate to ALAC for the period
2015-2017 was established as 30 April, 2015 - 9 May, 2015

Lance Hinds, the representative member from DevNet, is the nominee for the
post of LACRALO Delegate to the ALAC for the period 2015-2017

Jose Arce, the representative member from 'Asociacion para las Mejoras de
las Tecnologias de la Informacion y Comunicacion' (AMTICs) nominated Lance
Hinds on 8 May, 2015

Cintra Sooknanan, the representative member from ISOC-TT, seconded the
nomination of Lance Hinds on 8 May, 2015

Several other At-Large Structures, including ACUI, UWI, and TTCS supported
the nomination of Lance Hinds

Lance Hinds accepted the nomination on 8 May 2015.

Lance Hinds is the sole nominee for the post of LACRALO Delegate to ALAC
2015-2017 when the nomination period closed on 9 May 2015

The membership of LACRALO is 47

The clear majority of LACRALO members on a procedural poll - country
coefficient excepted -  is 24.5
In our part of the world where the liberal democratic tradition and the
practice of democratic principles are long and deep, a sole nominee to any
post in a legal nomination process is duly elected to the post.

Under normal circumstances the election of Lance Hinds would have been
acknowledged at the close of the nomination period but no later than 2 days
after close.

Lance Hinds [s]election should have been messaged by the presiding officer
on or around 11 May, 2015.

In respect of LACRALO where consensus decision-making is the first
principle, a sole nomination is evidence of consensus.

Any member has the right to challenge the 'sense of the room' but must
publicly declare, that is to say, message the entire membership, of
intention to challenge the consensus.

The said member may also privately advise the Secretariat of intent and the
Secretariat is duty-bound to advise ALL members of this member's intent.
That is to say, the challenging member MUST be identified for the

When the consensus is challenged, the Secretariat must immediately call for
a consensus poll that must be open for at least 3 days but no longer than 7

Credentials for the poll is circulated to the ENTIRE membership, meaning
ALL are present.

For the challenge to the consensus to be sustained, a clear majority of the
MEMBERSHIP, that is to say 50% + 1, must agree with the member challenging
the consensus.


The UWI ALS is unanimous that:

The nomination of Lance Hinds was, is and remains valid;

That there is no public record of a challenge to the consensus emanating
from his sole nomination;

That the consensus poll was improperly invoked and further, the conduct of
the poll was flawed;

The motion for a new nomination process was improper;

The motion for general assembly to consider the election of LACRALO
delegate to the ALA 2015-2017 is improper;

This general assembly is an illegal assembly and is not competent to
consider the motion for a vote for LACRALO delegate to the ALAC 2015-2017.

On these bases, the UWI ALS has charged the LACRALO leadership with:

Failure to act in accordance with LACRALO Rules of Procedure and the
ordinary rules of order pertaining democratic institutions

That they conspired with one and each other and with others unknown to
hijack the electoral process of LACRALO

-Carlton Samuels

Carlton A Samuels
Mobile: 876-818-1799
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