[lac-discuss-en] LACRALO Election of Single Candidate Precedent - The Case of the Member from APADIT

Carlton Samuels carlton.samuels at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 18:51:29 UTC 2015

I know ignorance loves company, often mistakenly believing it bliss.

So before we have anyone invoking the precedent for Natalia Enciso,
representative member to LACRALO from 'Asociación Paraguaya de Derecho
Informático y Tecnológico' (APADIT) and sole nominee for LACRALO delegate
to the ALAC 2011-2013,  here are the facts:

Fatima Cambronero, representative member from ‘Asociación Grupo de Estudio
e Investigación Académica en Derecho, Economía y Negocios en la Sociedad de
la Información’ (AGEIA DENSI Argentina) nominated Natalia Enciso

Sylvia Herlein Leite, the representative member from Internauta Brasil,
seconded the nomination

Several member ALS, including the UWI, TTCS and ACUI, supported the

At close of nomination, Natalia Enciso was the sole nominee

The call to affirm Natalia Enciso's [s]election was NOT quorate

There was a concern that technical issues on the digital platform
supporting the mailing list may have interfered with the processing of the
message announcing the call for the meeting

Given the lack of a quorum, any decision of the meeting is negated and

The presiding officer ruled that a consensus poll be executed.

Now, what is the difference, this case to current one?

Jose Arce - the representative member from Amtics, a sensible fellow, an
obviously competent attorney and instinctly democratic in his personal
value - was the presiding officer.

Dev Anand Teelucksingh, the representative member from TTCS - another
sensible fellow, instinctly democratic, steeped in democratic principles
and whose many bona fides cannot be successfully denied - was the

One could look at the election timetable. But one would not discern intent
to deceive, to derail Natalia Enciso's [s]election or deny AGEAI DENSI
Argentina, Internauta Brazil, ACUI, TTCS or indeed the UWI their choice for

-Carlton Samuels

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