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Sun Jul 14 12:57:12 UTC 2013

Dear Roberto,

Thank you very much for your reports and especially for all your
recommendations. You extremely clear identify major problems for
understanding the role and mission of ICANN in post-Soviet space.

1. Regional issue.

I would like to repeat again and again, that there is " wide unhappiness"
not only  "in the South Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan,
Georgia) about being considered in the Asia-Pacific-Australasia region"
instead of being included into the European region, but also in other
East-European countries (for example, in Ukraine). Being in one team can
help us much more easy to overcome post-totalitarian past, to promote
multistakeholderism, to defend freedom and openness of Internet.

I fully support your propositions and final report of ICANN Geographic
Regions Working Group (which is written in extremely balanced manner and
does not demand any immediate seismic shakes, but provides a lot of
opportunities for self-identification). And I will be happy if ALAC will
support this final report.

2. IDNs.

My obsession with Ukrainian IDN cost  me a lot, nevertheless I am insisting
on the importance of this issue. This is the best example of the lack of
trust into ICANN in our community, of miscommunication, untransperancy and
unaccountability from both sides (ICANN and Ukrainian applicant for .ykp).
I highly appreciate Rinalia and Sebastien interest to this problem, and I
have to say, that, with their help,  we had a lot of progress regarding
this issue.

Nevertheless, IDNs (and ccTLDs at the first place) have to be in center of
At-Large attention. I proposed to oblige ICANN staff to inform all national
representatives within ICANN (ALSes, GAC representatives, members of ccNSO
and gNSO and so on) directly about any question of special concern for
their country or region. I was said that it would be discussed in Durban.
If I have to make now any further official steps to push this initiative
forward, please let me know.

Outreach - 1

Roberto wrotes:

ALAC is present with ALSes in very few of these countries, and completely
absent in all the "stans". This is related to the situation about human
rights, government control, freedom of press, and so on. However, aren't we
in a vicious circle? In other words, which is the cause and which is the
effect? Had we some active users organizations, wouldn't these be able to
influence the government?

This is extremely important question for countries without democratic
traditions, grass-root activities and culture of active civic
participation. And it's a pity that I couldn't participate in your meeting
in Durban. I will resend your letter to Dmitry Kokhmanjuk, ccTLD .ua
administrator (member of ccNSO), who is now in Durban. I hope he can
provide you with  a lot of information. And I am happy to invite you to
ENOG VI (http://www.enog.org/meetings/enog-6/), which will gather RIPE NCC
Regional Meeting Russia/EURASIA Network Operators' Group in Kiev on 1-2
October, and then for IV Ukrainian IGF (3 October - with participants from
Russia, Bellorussia, maybe Armenia and Azerbaijan).

Outreach -2

You (and Narine) are absolutely right - it's absolutely necessary to "train
the trainer", especially in national languages. More over, it's extremely
important to work out adequate terminology on IG in national language (for
post-Soviet countries it is crucially important to have it at least in
Russian), and also to draw attention of journalists and social media
activists to IG issues.

So, I will be extremely happy to support all your propositions and to be
involved in their implementation in practical way!

Best regards and nice time in Durban,


On Sat, Jul 13, 2013 at 5:40 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com>wrote:

> Dear Roberto,
> thanks for your report.
> On 10/07/2013 19:43, Roberto Gaetano wrote:
> > I have included some of the rationale in my previous messages, but just
> to
> > summarize, it is about preferential partnership with Europe for Internet
> > projects, long term plans to join the European Union, being already
> > considered part of Europe in other cases related to music and sport, the
> > proximity to Europe more than to the Pacific rim, and, last but not
> least,
> > that for IP addresses and ccTLDs often these countries are members of the
> > European regional organizations (RIPE and CENTR).
> >
> > There is an ongoing activity to rethink the ICANN regions. These
> > considerations should be brought forward in that context (actually, I
> > believe that this is the case already, but I would like to bring this
> item
> > to the attention of the whole ALAC community).
> Yes, this is indeed a subject addressed by the ICANN Geographic Regions
> Working Group and the ALAC has made its comments known wrt this during
> the drafting/public comment phase of that process.
> http://www.atlarge.icann.org/correspondence/correspondence-19dec11-en.htm
> The ICANN Geo Regions WG has published its final report:
> https://www.icann.org/en/news/announcements/announcement-22jun13-en.htm
> Next steps, as I understand it from this announcement, is that the ALAC
> will be asked to comment on this final report and will have 90 days to
> respond starting from the end of the ICANN meeting in Durban. Staff will
> create a WIKI page for this matter and I will ask for a volunteer from
> the At-Large community to hold the pen.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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