[EURO-Discuss] Voting results: EURALO Bylaw modifications

Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Tue May 24 23:14:45 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I have the pleasure to announce to you the results of the voting on the EURALO Bylaw modifications which ended tonight. Out of total 27 members, 22 ALSes participated and casted their vote. And we reached a strong / representative score of participation again – thanks to all of you!

The results are the following:

*EURALO Bylaw changes 1: Suggested Modification regarding the inclusion of individual members*

Accepted unanimously (with 22 out of 22 casted votes).

*EURALO Bylaw changes 2: Suggested modifications on Term limits for Board members and Officers*

Accepted 17, Objected 1 and Abstained 4 (what is a clear two-third majority out of 22 casted votes).

*EURALO Bylaw changes 3: Suggested modifications to align EURALO Board and ALAC representative elections*

Accepted unanimously (with 22 out of 22 casted votes).

I think, the first result is a sounding political message and declaration that individual members are highly welcome to participate at EURALO under the defined option to create their own member ALS.

And as stated before, the second result is an interim solution reflecting the necessary conditions for a proper and frictionless functioning of our association.

I would like to thank all of you again for this remarkable proof of mobilisation and participation – what became an inreach feature of EURALO.

The Bylaw modifications can now be formally approved at our upcoming GA next Sunday, 29 May in Belgrade (an invitation reminder will be posted separately on this list).

Kind regards,

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