[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on France at Large applicationneeded

Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Tue Apr 29 08:56:01 EDT 2008

Roberto Gaetano ha scritto:
> To take time in order to do a more in-depth analysis, seems to me to be a
> wise approach.
> My only suggestion is to make sure that this solution is agreed beforehand
> with the applicant.

I disagree: deferring the vote on the accreditation of a European ALS 
from just before the EURALO GA to just after the EURALO GA would deprive 
them of the possibility to vote at that GA. You need to have a very 
valid, unchallengeable rationale to do that. It would really not look 
good if France at Large went to the Ombudsman and said that the current 
EURALO people are trying to find excuses to reject or defer their 
application until the GA is done: even if that is false, it would be 
hard to disprove, especially since I've yet to listen to a convincing 
reason against approving this application - until now, I've only heard a 
lot of FUD, but no fact.

On the other hand, if staff contacted the other people listed in the 
application and ascertained that they're not really active or aware 
about what this is about, then I might be in favour of rejecting the 
application. But you need to have convincing evidence about this, as I 
am pretty sure that Monsieur Morfin will go straight towards the 
Ombudsman office if the application is rejected.

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