[EURO-Discuss] Regional advice on France at Large applicationneeded

JFC Morfin jefsey at jefsey.com
Tue Apr 29 10:53:11 EDT 2008

At 14:56 29/04/2008, Vittorio Bertola wrote:
>I am pretty sure that Monsieur Morfin will go straight towards the 
>Ombudsman office if the application is rejected.

Be sure that this is already elsewhere -).

My only real worry is the poor image it gives from Staff is certainly 
wrong. They cannot without order work hard on not being able to 
localise an active mailing list, understand simple architectural 
legalese, oppose that our mailing list would not be active when the 
Guidlines accept a declaration that the ALS will have a site and they 
document our active wiki, declare that they do not know how we will 
get a 500 to 1000 audience while they list the way we have already 
have a 700 one, implies we have no meeting when we have two 
technically leading ones in june, think we were inactive when we ... 
will I will stop here :-)

My second concern is the Paris ALAC GA. I am afraid that if 
france at large cannot vote most of the attendees to the meeting will be 
france at large members and journalists. Some of our members favor this 
for the publicity we will get. This is not what I want. This is why I 
sent the application early enough and strictly abode by the rules.


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