[EURO-Discuss] Draft agenda and planning for EURALOC-s 1st General Assembly in Paris

Roberto Gaetano roberto at icann.org
Mon Apr 28 08:27:14 EDT 2008

My recommendation would be that the Board triggers and coordinates
discussion in the EURALO membership (the ALSes) for issues related to
internet policy.
I personally think that a f2f meeting of the Board is obviously very useful,
but not absolutely necessary to start working. Let me give you an example.
There are proposals on the table for the improvement of the GNSO. One of
these proposals even has the signature of ALAC, although from what I read on
the mailing list there is not a real consensus on it. The questions raised
by the changes in the GNSO structure are something that directly affects the
ALAC membership, and therefore the EURALO. NARALO has decided to produce
some contribution to the debate: would it be a good idea to discuss with the
European membership what are the opinions on this subject?
Another point where EURALO could have a leading role is in relation to
privacy concerns, applied to internet policy. Considering that the EU
legislation has a very strong position wrt privacy, it could be good if
EURALO could come up with a statement backing up this view, that could be
used in discussions like the WhoIs, Regisrar escrow, and so on.

In summary, I would see a great value in EURALO discussing policy matters,
and although a f2f meeting could help, maybe the best thing is to start now,
in order to get the maximum benefit when people will meet in person in
Paris. But it would be a big mistake to wait another two months for the f2f
meeting in order to start discussing substantive issues.

Just my 2 Euro-cents ;>)

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> Hi Roberto,
> when you are asking
> >>Where can I find the minutes of the EURALO Board meetings so far?
> I would like to forward you the draft agenda for our first - 
> planned - board meeting which was intended in Warsaw in 
> autumn 07 (see attachment 1). Some people may say that 
> "EURALO has not done anything over the last 10 months" but we 
> have repeatedly tried to make EURALO happen - unfortunately 
> we dared to ask for support or money/funding to give a new 
> group, such as the EURALO board, a chance to find or create 
> its own working dynamic.
> At our 2nd attempt, end of  February 08 (just after New Delhi 
> and after we met in Vienna at the Domainpulse 08) we tried to 
> have a first and delayed board meeting in Geneva - some of us 
> were there for the IGF consultations anyhow, and we simply 
> asked for travel support of those two who wanted to join us 
> ... Unfortunately we had no chance or enabling support again! 
> But we made a first *face to face* meeting of at least some 
> of the board members happen on our own costs - and the 
> minutes or "notes" of this meeting you can find attached (see 
> attachment 2).
> I would appreciate your comments on this.
> Best regards,
> Wolf
> Roberto Gaetano wrote Fri, 25 Apr 2008 23:36:
> >Good evening.
> >Where can I find the minutes of the EURALO Board meetings so far?
> >Thanks,
> >Roberto
> >
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