[EURO-Discuss] follow our own bylaws

Annette Muehlberg annette.muehlberg at web.de
Tue May 8 13:12:07 EDT 2007

Dear all,

We started off to build the EURALO in such a good spirit that we even 
called our report on our kick off Meeting in Frankfurt May 2006 "The 
spirit of Frankfurt".

Where are we now? After Lisbon an absurd discussion about deadlines of 
nomination periods started which almost lead to the exclusion of those 
ALS representatives who were in easter vacation.

Now, a legal advice is asked for on a nomination of a candidate as if it 
matters if someone became a member of an ALS during nomination period or 
at the first day of the period of discussion of the nominations - both 
definately before the actual decision taking/voting on the candidates.

All this is such a bureaucratic argy-bargy (german: Hickhack).

We do not need to love each other but should be able to respect and work 
with each other: cooperative, not trying to exclude but to integrate 
different positions.
In short, we should start to follow our own bylaws:

- as stated for Board and General assembly we should operate "to the 
maximum extent possible via consensus" (9.2.21 and

- "The Association shall at all times act in an open, accountable and 
transparent manner and is committed to cultural and geographic diversity 
and gender balance in its work internally and externally." (3.4)

The current state is:

- We have one candidate seconded by the european consumer 
protection/civil liberties ALSes who are not ISOC members. This 
candidate comes from Moldova, is female, comes from a non-EU country 
with a rather developing IT-infrastructure.

We have two candidates from Luxembourg and France, both male, both EU, 
both western region, both members of the same umbrella organisation, 
seconded by all the members of the very same organisation - ISOC).

Let us take our bylaws serious concerning diversity and reaching 
consensus among us. In this case the latter means, let us both accept, 
that there are more or less two equally strong opinions expressed and 
try to have a fair representation of both postions.

- We have nine nominees for the board and agreed to have the one join, 
who will not make it in the selection for the ALAC (and all three ALAC 
members will join as non-voting members).

This is great!

Instead of trying to put each other down and vote out, we should be 
happy that we have these great people who are willing to serve the 
EURALO board and stop all this destructive stuff. Let us welcome all to 
the EURALO Board!

Let us start working together on content, on outreach, on issues 
significant for ICANN policies.



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