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That is true - I hope that my various emails made clear the 'strong
recommendation' nature of the outcomes of the teleconference.

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> Just for clarification.
> My memory tells me that the telephone conference last Friday did not make "decisions" but formulated "strong recommendations". Each recognized ALS is a sovereign entity and has the right to veto or opt out. The problem is that obviously we have a fundamental problem to find consensus over procedures.
> Insofar we have to go through the painful continuation of the debate to look for a compromise which reflects the divided reality in the EURALO in a fair and balanced way. It is certainly against the rule if from about 20 recognized units only seven units take part in a telephone conference and claim this as the "final word".
> While I am in favour of moving forward fast, we should not do it at any price. We had no EURALO Board and elected European ALAC members for four years. It would not be a desaster, if we wait another two or six months to streamline our conflicts and to cerate the necessary confidence for a frutiful cooperation if it comes to substance.
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> Wolfgang


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