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Wolf Ludwig wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net
Tue Aug 14 10:36:58 EDT 2007

Hi all,

 Vittorio Bertola wrote Tue, 14 Aug 2007 06:55:
>I think that it'll be fine to interact with other entities if (when) 
>they address ICANN related matters and if positions are first discussed 
>with the group or at least with the Board, so that they are collectively 
>elaborated. The only thing I wouldn't like is any of us going to 
>meetings or mailing lists of whatever group or organization and saying 
>something "on behalf of EURALO" without a single message ever 
>circulating to this list.
>So I'd structure these interactions like this: whenever an ICANN-related 
>discussion or event comes up at one of these organizations, the person 
>responsible for taking care of it sends an alert to this list, we 
>discuss what to do, and we give him/her indications about what we think.
> (...)

Thanks, Vittorio, for this additional remarks and clarifications --
it's exactly meant in the way and structure you described and any 
interactions must be based on common decisions.


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