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Dear Nick,

in addition to Jeanette's points, let me specify that I am working as a
free lanced journalist specialised on media and info society themes. 
It's part of my current job to follow EU/EC and CoE discussions (even 
in Switzerland ,-) on relevant or related subjects. This could be used 
for inputs for EURALO and the board -- just in the rather passiv sense 
of being informed and up-dated about  - and restricted to ICANN-
related questions! - and not in an pro-active way like writing position 
papers etc. on behalf of EURALO which could be decided by the board 

This is nothing additional but something that could be used for the 
benefit of EURALO.


 Jeanette Hofmann wrote Tue, 14 Aug 2007 15:40:
>Hi Nick,
>my answer to your questions would be that most of us are members of 
>various organizations and networks. Most of these issue networks 
>overlap, and it is actually quite useful that they do so. We gain 
>expertise and access to all sorts of resources by being involved in 
>networks. Even ICANN itself as become more active in fora such as the IGF.
>So, I would say this is not a matter of before and after but rather of 
>benefiting from synergies. To name just one example, the council of 
>Europe has been very active in the field of privacy matters. There is no 
>need to start at zero again if  there is a chance to build on the COE's 
>> Until the EURALO actually has decided positions on any substantive policy
>> area, what use would interaction with the EU/EC/CoE or anyone else actually
>> serve?
>> This is a sensitive time in the development of the At-Large community. If
>> those outside of At-Large see a RALO making efforts at spending time
>> interacting with agencies completely outside of ICANN, especially before
>> being engaged substantively in the work of ICANN, to be honest it will
>> create a bad impression. ICANN will also be unlikely to fund efforts which
>> are largely unrelated to ICANN's business, and interacting with the
>> EC/EU/CoE is something that I believed the various ALSes were intending to
>> reserve for themselves.
>> After years of discussing process, there is an expectation in the broader
>> ICANN community that the At-Large community will become engaged with policy
>> development, as all the other constituencies are and have been for a long
>> time now. If they see that the first efforts are related to institutions
>> completely outside of the ICANN policy development context it will do the
>> community, and those engaged in such efforts, no good at all.
>> I'm sorry if this is seen as something of a wet blanket, but I have an
>> obligation to all of you to provide you with an honest assessment of things
>> and that's what I'm trying to do here.
>> On 14/8/07 13:19, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>>> Dear Nick,
>>> thanks for your remarks conc. the list I sent!
>>> As far as I know, Wolfgang joined already the PSC-list and is in contact with
>>> Pierre.
>>> Regarding the two items of work referencing the EC/EU and Council of Europe
>>> I want to clarify that we do NOT intend to follow-up the whole bunch of EC/EU
>>> and CoE stuff BUT to concentrate purely on issues related to ICANN work and
>>> discussions, such as netneutrality and others -- which may be specific or
>>> relevant for EURALO!
>>> Best,
>>> Wolf
>>> Nick Ashton-Hart Mon, 13 Aug 2007 18:47:
>>>> Dear Wolf and European ALSes:
>>>> In perusing the list that Wolf has sent out I have a couple of questions, if
>>>> I might (and one comment)
>>>> With respect to the PSC: The current liaison to the PSC is Pierre Dandjinou.
>>>> There is certainly a working group/mailing list associated with this effort
>>>> which Wolfgang would not only be welcome to join but encouraged to join.
>>>> There are two items of work referencing the EC/EU and Council of Europe. It
>>>> would be helpful to understand what this means, since the Bylaws of EURALO
>>>> make clear that EURALOs work relates to ICANN, not the EU or the Council of
>>>> Europe. This was the subject of considerable debate as I recall.
>>>> On 9/8/07 12:03, "Wolf Ludwig" <wolf.ludwig at comunica-ch.net> wrote:
>>>>> Dear all,
>>>>> I would like to thank our fellow board members ­ as well as other
>>>>> expressions
>>>>> of support -- for their confidence and approval electing Jeanette and me to
>>>>> the EURALO chairs. As Roberto stated some time ago, ³It is time to forget
>>>>> the
>>>>> discussions, and go ahead for the benefit of *the whole* EURALO³, ... and
>>>>> taking into account *the whole* spectrum of positions.³
>>>>> To me this does not mean to avoid controversies ³at any price² but they
>>>>> should
>>>>> be purely based on substance and issues, and we all should try our best to
>>>>> find consensus and to come up with decisions *for the benefit of the whole
>>>>> EURALO*. Thanks again and let¹s move on!
>>>>> Attached please find a draft for a planning sheet regarding work division
>>>>> and
>>>>> follow-up of ICANN-related issues. Those of you who did not express their
>>>>> preferences yet, please be so kind and (leave it open or) add your topics as
>>>>> to accomplish the draft. Thanks and
>>>>> best regards,
>>>>> Jeanette and Wolf
>>>>>  Nick Ashton-Hart wrote Fri, 3 Aug 2007 11:18:
>>>>>> I would say that since there was only one candidate for each
>>>>>> position, and no adverse views were expressed in respect of either
>>>>>> candidacy over a period of weeks, it seems to me that Wolf and
>>>>>> Jeannette were elected by unanimous consent.
>>>>>> What I would say is that the Bylaws do provide for a single Chair and
>>>>>> a separate Vice-Chair, so Wolf would be the Chair and Jeannette the
>>>>>> vice-chair - though of course there is nothing to stop the two of
>>>>>> them effectively dividing the work equally so that they act jointly
>>>>>> as the Chair should they so wish (and without objection of the
>>>>>> members of the Board) - though of course it would be usual for Wolf
>>>>>> to act as sole Chair of Board meetings (unless he was unavailable in
>>>>>> which case of course Jeannette would act as Chair of the meeting as
>>>>>> the Bylaws provide).
>>>>>> I will add the two of you to the Secretariats mailing list now.
>>>>>> And congratulations :)
>>>>>> On 28 Jul 2007, at 00:40, Wolf Ludwig wrote:
>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>> I think it's done -- by Desiree's vote there is a clear majority
>>>>>>> for the
>>>>>>> EURALO chairs according to the attached listing. I would like to ask
>>>>>>> Nick to check whether the requirements regarding the voting
>>>>>>> procedure are fulfilled and the result can be considered as valid.
>>>>>>> Best,
>>>>>>> Wolf
>>>>>>> Desiree Miloshevic wrote Fri, 27 Jul 2007 13:09:
>>>>>>>> Hi all,
>>>>>>>> I would like to support the motion that Wolf and Jeannete act as
>>>>>>>> co-chairs of Euralo.
>>>>>>>> Desiree
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