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Vittorio Bertola vb at bertola.eu
Tue Aug 14 09:55:27 EDT 2007

Jeanette Hofmann ha scritto:
> Hi Nick,
> my answer to your questions would be that most of us are members of 
> various organizations and networks. Most of these issue networks 
> overlap, and it is actually quite useful that they do so. We gain 
> expertise and access to all sorts of resources by being involved in 
> networks. Even ICANN itself as become more active in fora such as the IGF.
> So, I would say this is not a matter of before and after but rather of 
> benefiting from synergies. To name just one example, the council of 
> Europe has been very active in the field of privacy matters. There is no 
> need to start at zero again if  there is a chance to build on the COE's 
> work.

I think that it'll be fine to interact with other entities if (when) 
they address ICANN related matters and if positions are first discussed 
with the group or at least with the Board, so that they are collectively 
elaborated. The only thing I wouldn't like is any of us going to 
meetings or mailing lists of whatever group or organization and saying 
something "on behalf of EURALO" without a single message ever 
circulating to this list.

So I'd structure these interactions like this: whenever an ICANN-related 
discussion or event comes up at one of these organizations, the person 
responsible for taking care of it sends an alert to this list, we 
discuss what to do, and we give him/her indications about what we think.

However, we should first ensure to do our homework for internal ICANN 
affairs - as an example, we are supposed to provide to the ALAC a 
nomination for one NomCom member from Europe, by the end of this month 
if I'm not wrong, and we've not even started the process yet. So I would 
suggest that we focus on that as soon as possible.
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