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While you are on a roll with ideas for improvements....

Just a reminder that the Board and Org are interested in* feedback on the
survey linked below* relating to FUTURE ICANN MEETINGS - are they asking
the right questions? are they asking the wrong questions? what sort of
questions do you suggest they ask to get the right kind of mix of meetings
in the future that will engage more people?

You cannot tell me that you like what is happening at the moment!!

Have a read through the survey and if you have any ideas, please feed them
back to me asap. It is due to Org today - you've still got a few hours
left.  They will send out the final survey on the 9th, once they have
incorporated everyone's ideas from across ICANN.

I have had one response. Thank you Ricardo.

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Subject: [soac-chairs] Draft Public Meeting Strategy Survey
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*Dear SOAC Chairs:*

An action item for ICANN org from your call last week with Göran and
Maarten was for the org to finalize the proposed survey on the future of
ICANN Public Meetings and send the questions to you for feedback. As
promised, we created the following *draft* survey about the future Public
Meeting Strategy. Please let us know if you have any specific feedback on
the survey questions by *Wednesday 7 October 2020*. To ensure that any
input you may have is shared with the group, please send your feedback via
email to this list.

Draft Public Meeting Strategy Survey >

Once we have your feedback on the survey, we will revise the survey. We
will then share individual links with you and all the Stakeholder Group,
Constituency, and Regional At-Large Organization Chairs to allow members of
all our community structures to share their feedback.

We will then compile the individual group responses and share the data with
each respective Chair. As agreed on the call last week, each Chair will be
asked to consolidate their group’s feedback into individual group responses
to the survey. Below is a timeline of next steps including a date for the
upcoming ICANN69 session about the Public Meeting Strategy.

Timeline of Next Steps

   - *7 October *- Deadline for SO/AC Chairs to provide feedback and make
   any revisions to survey.
   - *8 October *- Staff to make any revisions and share the revised survey
   with individual links for each SO/AC/SG/C/RALO Chair to distribute to their
   groups and complete.
   - *19 October *- ICANN69 Public Meeting Strategy Session.
   - *9 November *- Results of individual responses by group shared with
   SO/AC Chairs.
   - *23 November - *Deadline for SO/AC Chairs to finalize consolidated
   feedback responses per group.
   - *14 December *- Deadline for Staff to submit draft report to SO/AC
   Chairs for feedback.
   - *January 2021 *- Staff revise report based on SO/AC Chairs’ feedback
   - *January 2021 *- Report submitted to the Board

Thank you for a constructive discussion on the call last week and for
working with us to collect and consolidate feedback across our global
community on this topic.

Best regards,


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