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Hi Alan:
Please see my comments.  Where I follow your position I note 'CAS:
Support'.  And in cases where I think additional requirements must be
considered to support your position, I have asked the question.


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On Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Alan Greenberg <alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca>wrote:

> I should have mentioned this on the ALAC call today, but forgot.
> The IGO-INGO PDP WG has issued a consensus call on a number of types of
> support for protection of IGO-INGO names and acronyms.
> I am attaching my position here, and would welcome input on to what extent
> others support these views.
> By way of explanation, I answered a number of them as "Can live with".
> This tends to have one of two meanings:
> - I think it is stupid, but not harmful. An Example is allowing the future
> application for TLDs such as .**unitednationsinternationalchil**drensemergencyfund
> or .worldhealthorganization.
> - I think that there is simply no need. An example is the blocking of
> .redcross, when we could simply have a free objectiopn process to ensure
> that such a TLD is only allowed by the IGO-INGO.
> I presume it will be treated as "support" in the final analysis.
> I supported all use of the TMCH. This is a very weak form of protection
> and do not think it will cause any real harm. I did not support Permanent
> claims notices unless TMs are also granted this (no chance!).
> I am prepared to present these as my personal positions, but would be glad
> to include some or all ALAC members if support is provided to me. There is
> not sufficient time to do a formal vote. You can agree or disagree with
> some or all of my positions. And given a good rationale, I am pleased to
> change any of them (they were answered VERY quickly!)
> If you have any questions, each item has an identifier of the form A-1
> (for the first item) and F-7 for the last).
> As an aside, this set of protections, even if all approved, is not likely
> to satisfy the GAC. Even the Board has suggested that SOME IGO acronyms may
> be worthy of protection. It does go further than the GAC proposals in that
> it does provide some level of support for INGOs such as OXFAM or MSF.
> Alan
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