[ALAC] Rights versus benefits

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Tue Aug 13 19:37:48 UTC 2013

Hello all,

One of the things that I noticed in the last Registrar Accreditation
Agreement -- snuck in at the last moment, so I didn't notice it before it
was presented at Durban -- was the replacement of the term "Registrant
Rights and Responsibilities" with "Registrant Benefits and
Responsibilities" in some but not all cases. Indeed, it looked like a very
sloppy search-and-replace effort because the word "rights" was removed in
some places but not others in what appears as random fashion.

Given that the ALAC did not have an opportunity to discuss this during the
Durban meeting, I raised it in an individual capacity during the Durban
Public Forum (see page 97 of the Forum

When asked, Fadi spent what seemed quite a long time (not reflected in the
transcript) conferring silently with his staff (including legal staff),
after which he promised to "look into it".

I would like to ask Olivier and/or At-Large staff to please follow up on
this. I think that the community is owed an explanation of how the term
"registrant benefits and responsibilities" ever crept into ICANN lingo; I
don't ever recall it ever being used in a policy context.

Thank you,

Evan Leibovitch
Toronto Canada

Em: evan at telly dot org
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