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Of possible interest...


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Subject: [ALT-Plus] ICANN Meeting survey results - a comparison between
At-Large and all of ICANN
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Dear At-Large members

I am attaching notes that I have made relating to the findings of the ICANN
Meeting Survey.

The notes compare the responses made by the 48 At-Large respondents with
the responses made by 176 participants from the whole of ICANN  (including

You will see that there is quite a bit of alignment between the At-Large
and the wider ICANN community responses.

I will be making evaluative statements based on this summary, in
preparation  for a discussion that I will have with the other SO-AC Chairs
in a couple of weeks.  So, if there is anything really important that you
would like me to relay to the team please let me know.

There were some interesting individual comments made and in two sections I
have added those made by At-Large into the table.

I hope you find the results interesting because they will be used to decide
how ICANN arranges its meetings in the future.

Links to the full survey results of the different constituencies are also
included below for anyone who is interested.


*ICANN Meeting Strategy Survey Results*



ALAC Responses (48)


ccNSO Responses (26)


GAC Responses (24)


GNSO Responses (69)


RSSAC Responses (2)


SSAC Responses (7)


*All Responses (176)*


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