[NA-Discuss] Update on Consumer Constituency Charter Changes

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Fri May 6 21:01:15 UTC 2011

   Thanks. That statement was inserted to resonate back with some of the ICANN
   language that appears in the AOC. It's open to tinkering, certainly.

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   We're still working on the definition of "consumer"? Sheesh.

   My (CAD)$0.02:

   If the planned terminology is "The CC will work to promote competition,
   consumer trust, and consumer choice in the DNS marketplace", (emphasis
   mine), then the context is clearly limited to registrants. Most end users
   (ie, people who use the Internet to consume things, but are not aware of
   what the DNS is, let alone exercise any choice within its "marketplace")
   fall outside of this sphere. This is perfectly legitimate, but that wording
   in the charter may not match the intended results.

   If the intention is to support consumer trust (amongst consumers of *all*
   things using the internet, be they goods, services, content or advertising)
   the the above wording is far too narrow. In this case the DNS is only an
   important link in the chain between supplier and consumer, but not the only
   thing itself being consumed (so to speak). That link is certainly deserving
   of protection, but it is not the end in itself to most consumers.

   I fully support the mission as stated,

     The   intended purpose of the Consumers Constituency is to serve as
     the conduit for consumer interests as they relate to those areas of the
     Internet within the scope of ICANN.  As representatives of consumers, who
     are using   the Internet to purchase or use goods and services, the
     Constituency will focus on aspects of DNS that impact on consumers such as
     safety, security, stability, usability, access and any other appropriate
     concerns to ensure   these are adequately represented within ICANN policy

   but believe that this is at odds with

     The CC will work to promote competition, consumer trust, and consumer
     choice in the DNS marketplace

   This last sentence is not a good summary and should just be dropped. The
   mission statement is complete as it is.

   - Evan

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