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> Thx @OCL.  I resolve to stop using the word “multistakeholderism”!

I will defend the term, and continue to use it based on my personal
understanding which I believe is sensible and easily understandable.

To me, multistakeholderism ("m17m"*) is a political philosophy that all
parties affected by a governance process ought to have a voice in that
process, distinct from democracy in that it seeks a balance between
populism and technical expertise.

There are multiple implementations of m17m, many here have experienced a
few, I offer some examples:

   - ICANN's of course
   - American political town halls
   - The Netmundial conference in São Paulo
   - IETF, complete with humming-based decision-making
   - ISO and many standards-making bodies

Some are better than others, and some (most?) only present a facade of
broad participation layered over a real process controlled by insiders. But
as an aspirational approach to governance, to me true m17m is worth

- Evan

(*) - I use m17m for "multistakeholderism" much like i18n
<https://lingoport.com/what-is-i18n/> is used as an abbreviation for
"internationalisation", and I'm lazy when I type. The abbreviation MSM
(MultiStakeholder Model) to me means something different, the specific form
of m17m used by ICANN which has essentially appropriated the term.
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