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> BTW, I agree with Evan regarding ICANN's "nominating committee"; it is a
> relic, a techno-paternalist chunk of machinery that seems almost as if
> lifted from a 19th century colonial playbook written by King Leopold or
> Queen Victoria.
I am a founding member of the ALAC / AFRALO... and confirm that after many
years and tens of millions were spent on how to elect the board, BOTH
projects ICANN AND NAIS suggested that the elections worked. One said every
user with an email address, the other said every user with a domain should
be able to vote in a global election. At the time the BOD scrapped both
suggestions and decided to make a NOMCOM... I served on the NOMCOM, which
will never produce the likes of Karl and Andy (which was its purpose to
start and ICANN is worse off for it).

Sincerely my -.02

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