[At-Large] A few suggestions for when you're on camera in ZOOM!

Jonathan Zuck JZuck at innovatorsnetwork.org
Tue Oct 13 11:46:13 UTC 2020

Glad we're getting started with our meetings. I think we're off to a strong start so thank you for everyone involved. I noticed a couple of things that I thought I would mention to improve your camera feed on Zoom.

  1.  Align your camera.
Often people are using the camera on their laptop to broadcast themselves but when you do this, you need to be careful. The best angle for the laptop screen for reading might NOT be the best angle for you on camera. Often, when the lid is too far back, you will be too low on camera. Something to check. You can go into Video Settings on Zoom to see how you look on camera.
  2.  Use a Green Screen
While clever, the virtual background feature of Zoom is not very good and can be quite distracting when people are seeing parts of you disappear and reappear on camera.  IF you have a green screen, the virtual backgrounds will look MUCH better! If you do not have a green screen, I my strong recommendation is not to use a virtual background. I never thought I would write these words but follow Sébastien's example! He has simply created a nice space in his office, cleaned it up a bit, put up a sign, made it bright and it looks MUCH better than disappearing and reappearing.
[A person standing in front of a computer  Description automatically generated]

If you really MUST use the virtual background feature, remember that it is using the difference in depth in your scene to determine what to include and not include. If possible, sit with a plain wall behind you, without a lot of extra stuff to confuse the camera and try to stay fairly still, so you remain the same distance to the camera.

  1.  Face the light.
You'll notice also in Sébastien's example that he has a nice soft light on his face. When you have the brighter light behind you, you become a silhouette.  Try to face a northern window or turn a light on in front of you, perhaps directing it at the wall in front of you if you're facing a wall. Ideally, the brightest source of light in you scene is in front of you and bigger than your head.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share with all of you who might be "on camera" in the next couple of weeks. Once again, great start!

Jonathan Zuck
Executive Director
Innovators Network Foundation

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