[At-Large] A few suggestions for when you're on camera in ZOOM!

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Tue Oct 13 12:55:45 UTC 2020

Great suggestions, JZ. I already decided not to use that background as 
it does get a bit shapeshifty. Seb was very well set up.


On 10/13/2020 7:46 AM, Jonathan Zuck wrote:
> Folks,
> Glad we’re getting started with our meetings. I think we’re off to a 
> strong start so thank you for everyone involved. I noticed a couple of 
> things that I thought I would mention to improve your camera feed on Zoom.
>  1. *Align your camera.*
>     Often people are using the camera on their laptop to broadcast
>     themselves but when you do this, you need to be careful. The best
>     angle for the laptop screen for reading might NOT be the best
>     angle for you on camera. Often, when the lid is too far back, you
>     will be too low on camera. Something to check. You can go into
>     Video Settings on Zoom to see how you look on camera.
>  2. *Use a Green Screen*
>     While clever, the virtual background feature of Zoom is not very
>     good and can be quite distracting when people are seeing parts of
>     you disappear and reappear on camera.  IF you have a green screen,
>     the virtual backgrounds will look MUCH better! If you do not have
>     a green screen, I my strong recommendation is not to use a virtual
>     background. I never thought I would write these words but follow
>     Sébastien’s example! He has simply created a nice space in his
>     office, cleaned it up a bit, put up a sign, made it bright and it
>     looks MUCH better than disappearing and reappearing.
>     A person standing in front of a computer Description automatically
>     generated
>     If you really MUST use the virtual background feature, remember
>     that it is using the difference in depth in your scene to
>     determine what to include and not include. If possible, sit with a
>     plain wall behind you, without a lot of extra stuff to confuse the
>     camera and try to stay fairly still, so you remain the same
>     distance to the camera.
>  3. *Face the light.*
>     You’ll notice also in Sébastien’s example that he has a nice soft
>     light on his face. When you have the brighter light behind you,
>     you become a silhouette.  Try to face a northern window or turn a
>     light on in front of you, perhaps directing it at the wall in
>     front of you if you’re facing a wall. Ideally, the brightest
>     source of light in you scene is in front of you and bigger than
>     your head.
> Just some thoughts I wanted to share with all of you who might be “on 
> camera” in the next couple of weeks. Once again, great start!
> Jonathan
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