[At-Large] pitch to the board re: MS model

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Mon Nov 4 19:22:52 UTC 2019

My thoughts about our pitch to the board later on this week re: the 
evolution of the MS model. We can only expect to have 15 min on this so 
am keeping it fairly narrowly focussed:

Our focus would be on improving our ability to grow the MS volunteer 
community, increasing diversity, increasing participation. The goal has 
to be to build a system that can attract and retain volunteers in 
multiple locations and local contexts who can engage at multiple levels. 
There is no one size that fits all. In this challenge, the community 
must lead. That is where the expertise is, that's where the local 
knowledge is and where the solutions will come from. We need to 
innovate, take some risks and think outside of the box.

Good theory, but in reality, there are lots of hurdles -- it is not so 
easy to get adequate funds moving in the direction of innovative 
community outreach programs. --- offer a couple of real examples.

*The ask: In the interests of bringing more people into our communities 
to deal with the ever increasing workload, will the Board formally 
recognize and encourage efforts to innovate in this challenge of growing 
our community -- by lowering some of the barriers.*


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