[At-Large] ALS /individual Criteria and Expectations

DANIEL NANGHAKA dndannang at gmail.com
Sun Nov 3 15:04:46 UTC 2019

Dear All,

In reference to the discussion and presentation that was being conducted by
the Alan, I put forward an observation, Apologies in case I misheard the
response from where one mentioned that when he's given an opportunity we
shall be able to have many more Individual contributing and being active. I
strongly believe that member volunteering should not be based on the
decision of an individual, once one has the passion and believe they can
effectively contribute to the various processes then they should be
willing. The interaction between the ALS and their respective communities
has got to be reviewed.

Secondly, there are some ALSes whose work is not directly related to ICANN
objectives. All these bring ideas on how the ALSes need to be reviewed.
Let's not look at numbers without impact. Let's look at the impact and
effective contribution from the wider community.

Furthermore, I suggest that we have a discussion on the mailing list and
also an online calls/meetings be scheduled where we discuss and deliberate
on this issue. We should not wait for face 2 face meetings to discuss these
critical issues. Despite the time constraints during ICANN66, thinking
aloud we could have an unconference session to discuss this issue.

The Bye-Laws are clear, work was done and I believe this is the time to do
the review of the process involved in engaging the both ALS /individual
Criteria and Expectations.

Daniel K. Nanghaka
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