[At-Large] The visa to Canada and fall of participation of LAC in ATLAS III

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Sat Oct 26 15:56:20 UTC 2019

On 26-10-19 16:41, Peters Omoragbon wrote:
> I felt there was no need for me to respond to Evan, s contribution
> because it made no value to the issue on hand.
Seems you actually are responding, but without actually
addressing his points.

> If half of 60 selected delegates are absent
> because of institutionalised selective racial bias coloured in
> administrative bottlenecks, of what impact would the program have? 

Evan pointed out that the cause might not be racial bias.

I think it would help to be fact-based instead of resorting to
pure rhetoric and accusations based on assumptions.


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