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On July 14, 2018 at 20:01 6.internet at gmail.com (sivasubramanian muthusamy) wrote:
 > Your question "who defines..." reverberates questions such as "who defines what
 > is good",  and "who defines what is harmful and what is not". These  are good
 > questions, but often used to divert the very suggestion of doing good. The
 > complexities in defining a notion shouldn't deter us from chosing an
 > appropriate path.

A very big problem is "least common denominator".

By which I mean any global organization is likely to descend into
policies which, depending on the specific approval process, will yield
a majority or even an absence of any objections.

Purely as an example to ponder let me offer:

  Man jailed for 35 years in Thailand for insulting monarchy on Facebook


        -Barry Shein

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