[At-Large] [lac-discuss-en] Vistaprint is abandoning .vista

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Wed Jul 11 14:23:04 UTC 2018

Over and above anything else, there is the $25k 
annual registry fee plus whatever their registry operator is charging them.


At 11/07/2018 09:42 AM, Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond wrote:

>Dear Michele,
>I wonder why they are dropping it. Does it cost 
>them more in the long run, than using several composed domains?
>Kindest regards,
>On 11/07/2018 10:27, Michele Neylon - Blacknight wrote:
>>It’s a .brand – zero “normal” registrants or users will be impacted
>>If it was a TLD with actual registrations then 
>>it would be a totally different matter, but it isn’t.
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>>Subject: [At-Large] Vistaprint is abandoning .vista
>>Maybe we should track these 
>>'returns/abandonments' and in context, [re]read 
>>the recommendations of the Subsequent Procedures WG?
>>Saw a story of a domain investor account of his 
>>return on investment so far; he's in the red with diminishing prospects.
>>On top of these kind of stories that speak to 
>>the conditions in the end user market and the 
>>'retired and/or abandoned gLTDs, it just seems 
>>'otherworldly' to me that in all the happy talk 
>>of new rounds, this idea that demand has 
>>something to do with markets is largely left unmentioned. Helluva thing!
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