[At-Large] At Large activities at IGF Istanbul- Workshops on Small Island Developing States

Cintra Sooknanan cintra.sooknanan at gmail.com
Thu Aug 28 00:27:42 UTC 2014

Dear All

This year is defined by the UN for focus on issues relating Small Island
Developing States (SIDS). You are welcome to follow the SIDS Workshops
organised by your ICANN colleagues-

   - Cintra Sooknanan-  IGF workshop WS 171 Connecting Small Island States
   Though Access to Data
   http://igf2014.sched.org/event/203bcd51d97a0bb5b171ef0aca34f29e; and
   - Tracy Hackshaw- IGF workshop WS 68 SIDS Roundtable: Do the elements
   required to promote the Information Society/Knowledge Economy complement
   "basic" infrastructural development needs?

Many of the panelists on these workshops are affiliated with ICANN though
the GAC, NCSG/NPOC, ccNSO and At Large.

Thanks for your attention, hope to see/hear from you there!

Kind regards

Cintra Sooknanan

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