Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Wed Mar 26 02:47:31 UTC 2014

On 03/25/2014 05:50 PM, Joly MacFie wrote:
> DNSSEC is vital to the integrity of the Internet.

Yes, it is important.

And yet too many ICANN accredited registrars do not let people add
DNSSEC information to their registrations.

(I will have to move several of my names to another registrar because
the one I've been using has been slow come up to DNSSEC speed.)

In addition to nudging (or coercing) registrars to support DNSSEC
information from customers, it would be useful if ICANN helped develop a
more consistent user interface for the input and management of that
DNSSEC related information.  That would help avoid the current diversity
of input methods that people have to face.


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