[At-Large] US PTO Blocks Access to Certain Websites

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
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(from the same URL, edited:)

Update: At 5 pm the USPTO called and said that the public access wifi
> network was using a filter, provided by a contractor, to block "political
> activist" sites. This filter was not used by the network providing Internet
> access for the USPTO staff. After our meeting, the USPTO reviewed its
> policies, and has removed the filter. USPTO says the filter was implemented
> by a contractor, and no one we talked to at USPTO was aware of who was
> being blocked. In any event, the filter has been removed.

Makes you wonder what the contractor was doing creating the filter in the
first place.

- Evan

On 20 September 2012 09:52, Carlton Samuels <carlton.samuels at gmail.com>wrote:

> Now then, this is the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States!
>  See the story here:
>   http://keionline.org/node/1548
> [FWIW, back in the day,  I was one of three contract SEs - me, a Vietnamese
> woman and a Malaysian woman, both ethnic Chinese - who put in their first
> full text retrieval system. At the time I worked for a German independent
> software house.  My son, a mechanical engineer fresh out of university,
> went to work there as an examiner last year. We engineered that system
> before he was born.  They were still using it!]
>  [Apropos, his tenure didn't last too long. Let's say in regard to too many
> applications, his intuit ran counter too often to that of his immediate
> supervisor, resulting in the inevitable conflict. This, after I told the
> boy to shut up and go along with the program! But noooooo. :-)].
> - Carlton
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