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Sébastien Bachollet sebastien at bachollet.com
Sun Sep 16 05:20:56 UTC 2012

Roberto and all,
The window is open and the leaders of At-Large already show a lot of added
All the feedback given to me regarding At-Large are all very positive.
During the presentation to the staff Fadi said:
"Each time I am going to a country I will meet leaders from the At-Large
community and from the local ALSes".
It seems that other senior staff will do the same.
I hope that At-Large will see that also as a mutual help to strengthen the
relationship, the outcome of At-Large and ICANN but also the engagement.
He also launch the initiative for a new strategic approach for Africa with
a lot of members of At-Large.
Similar initiative is launch for LAC region.
He comments very positively all the interaction with Olivier as Chair of
Some decision for the new organization comes from comments by At-Large
(compliance, communication, Outreach…).
Beside the hard work of At-Large staff, all that definitely help the new
position for Heidi.
I am sure that At-Large (ALAC, ALSes, members of ALS, individual
participants…) will show that they deserve such attention and position in
the organization.

May I suggest that At-Large start to think if the new staff organization
have consequences on it's own processes and priorities?

All the best
Sébastien Bachollet
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Le 16/09/12 13:51, « Roberto Gaetano » <roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com> a
écrit :

>Let me join in congratulating Heidi. Her work has been appreciated for
>a long time now.
>The new position in the organization chart, while being a recognition of
>Heidi's excellent work, is also a challenge for the AtLarge: it implies
>the community feedback will be even closer to the ears of the CEO.
>As I stated in the previous message, commenting about the fact that the
>CEO is listening, we have to make sure that we use this window of
>opportunity to show the added value of ALAC to the policy development
>A former manager of mine used to say that you only have one chance to do a
>good first impression. This is the time to use the window that has been
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>Thanks for the excellent news, Sébastien.
>Congratulations to Heidi. This is a great piece of news and is certainly
>to the hard work that she and her Team have furnished over the years. It
>took a change of leadership for this hard work to be recognised finally!
>I have a feeling that we are opening a new Chapter for ICANN, and
>a new Chapter for At-Large. Great news for eveyone.
>Kind regards,
>On 14/09/2012 13:49, Sébastien Bachollet wrote:
>> I was ­ as Board member - at the meeting this morning in the ICANN LA
>> offices' for the new CEO (Fadi Chehade) presentation.
>> A lot of announcement and good news.
>> I would like to congratulate Heidi.
>> Heidi is now member of the ICANN Staff Executive team.
>> I am sure it a very good news for our community.
>> And also part of the work of At-Large.
>> Thanks also to At-Large staff team.
>> Well done.
>> All the best
>> Sébastien Bachollet
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>> Blog: http://sebastien.bachollet.fr/
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