[At-Large] A message from the other side of Pacific

Izumi AIZU iza at anr.org
Thu Mar 17 07:40:13 UTC 2011

Thank you all who responded and also who quietly supported us.

The nuclear power reactors are still facing critical situation, very
primitive water pouring operation from helicopter and special
vehicle is underway, but doesn't seem that effective. Extra
power line is being extended to rebuild the pump and cooling system.
All are done under high radiation environment.

Victims of the Tsunami reached more than 10,000, perhaps, more
than 20,000 as many are still just missing.

I have contacted a city government official there, spoken with him.
The area not hit by Tsunami is getting better in general. The Tsunami
destroyed almost everything there, some cities or towns are simply
"gone" so to speak. We need total rebuilding works similar to
post-war situation.

The power supply in Tokyo metropolitan area is facing severe shortage.
The government just announced that there might be a sudden large-scale
black-out tonight beyond the "planned partial power cut" since the whether
is getting very cold and people are using much more power than estimated.

That's the summary of current situation. We remain calm, concerned,
trying to anticipate things ahead, find out what should be done and how.


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