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English and spanish:

Adam,   ( yesterday ) we just having been discussed in our organization 
and I must say that I agree with  you,  referring to demonstrate against 
the U.S. intervention against rojadirecta.org domain .

Similarly, I remain concerned about the use of the gTLD ". org" for 
purposes other than those to be used by nonprofit organizations .
I have always preferred these gtld were more restrictive as we have seen 
in my organization  when we did pedophilia research , as is used. "org" 
with links to pornographic sites .  I think that
also we should be discussing, not just internet should be a place "fit 
for business' but also safe waterway, and is "trusted"part of the 
reliability must be based on that safeguard   of certain forms for the 
gTLDs. " . org". " . gov" " .mil " ". edu", which will provide certainty 
and where user safety is standing.
Adam, justamente fue tema de discusión en nuestra organización en el día 
de ayer y debo decir que coincido con lo expuesto por ti,  en referencia 
a manifestarnos en contra de la intervención de EEUU contra el dominio 
rojadirecta.org, por todo lo expresado oportunamente en tu mail.

Igualmente me sigue preocupando la utilización del gtld ".org" para 
otros fines que no sean los de ser utilizados por organizaciones sin 
fines de lucro, siempre he preferido que estos gtld fueran más 
restrictivos ya que hemos sido testigos en investigaciones sobre 
pedofilia que hemos realizado en el pasado en mi organización, de como 
se utiliza el ".org" con links a sitios pornográficos, creo que eso 
tambien tendríamos que estar discutiendo, no solamente internet debe de 
ser un lugar "Apto para los negocios" sino también, seguro, navegable, y 
que sea "confiable", parte de la confiabilidad se debe basar en que se 
resguarden ciertas formas para los gtld ".org", ".gov", " ".edu",etc,  
que le den certeza y seguridad al usuario en  donde esta parado.

*Saludos cordiales*

*Sergio Salinas Porto Presidente Internauta Argentina Asociación 
Argentina de Usuarios de Internet <http://www.internauta.org.ar>FLUI- 
Federación Latinoamericana de Usuarios de Internet 
<http://www.fuilain.org>facebook:salinasporto twitter:sergiosalinas 
MSN/MSN YAHOO/Talk: salinasporto... Skype:internautaargentina Mobi:+54 9 
223 5 215819 *

El 02/02/2011 10:58 a.m., Adam Peake escribió:
> I propose the At Large/ALAC  protest the U.S. government's seizure of
> domain name Rojadirecta.org.
> Rojadirecta is a popular sports streaming and P2P download site.
> Rojadirecta is a legitimate Spanish business. Two Spanish courts have
> ruled the site operates legally.
> It seems the U.S. Government Homeland Security's Immigration and
> Customs Enforcement (ICE) division  used the TLD as the means of
> seizure in an attempt to take down the site.  If the action was
> against the registrar then a registrant would at least have a choice
> of jurisdiction.  But this action on ORG, and the actions on .COM
> names last November essentially means the U.S. government considers
> COM, NET and ORG to be nothing more than ccTLDs subject to U.S. whim
> (this isn't a legal action, there has been no court case, no due
> process.)
> Rojadirecta is now available under other TLDs
> <http://www.rojadirecta.me>  <http://www.rojadirecta.es>
> <http://www.rojadirecta.in>  as well its original IP address
> <>.
> Expect there will be a lot written about this, this article's ok as a
> starting point:
> <http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110201/10252412910/homeland-security-seizes-spanish-domain-name-that-had-already-been-declared-legal.shtml>
> I hope At Large will issue a statement protesting the use of the TLD
> registry as a means of takedown. That it recommends when the NET, ORG
> and COM contracts are renegotiated they should move to a jurisdiction
> where such unilateral action by a government is not possible.  That
> the new applicant guidebook require applicants to only locate in
> jurisdictions where such unilateral action by a government is not
> possible.
> Legitimate businesses should not be subject to the whim of a U.S. agency.
> Adam
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