[At-Large] U.S. seizure of .ORG domain name

carlos dionisio aguirre carlosaguirre62 at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 2 14:14:43 UTC 2011

Adam. Agree with you. yesterday I put my personal protest in the social networks. but would be important that  ALAC take in account this matter.

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> Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2011 22:58:27 +0900
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> Subject: [At-Large] U.S. seizure of .ORG domain name
> I propose the At Large/ALAC  protest the U.S. government's seizure of 
> domain name Rojadirecta.org.
> Rojadirecta is a popular sports streaming and P2P download site. 
> Rojadirecta is a legitimate Spanish business. Two Spanish courts have 
> ruled the site operates legally.
> It seems the U.S. Government Homeland Security's Immigration and 
> Customs Enforcement (ICE) division  used the TLD as the means of 
> seizure in an attempt to take down the site.  If the action was 
> against the registrar then a registrant would at least have a choice 
> of jurisdiction.  But this action on ORG, and the actions on .COM 
> names last November essentially means the U.S. government considers 
> COM, NET and ORG to be nothing more than ccTLDs subject to U.S. whim 
> (this isn't a legal action, there has been no court case, no due 
> process.)
> Rojadirecta is now available under other TLDs 
> <http://www.rojadirecta.me> <http://www.rojadirecta.es> 
> <http://www.rojadirecta.in> as well its original IP address 
> <>.
> Expect there will be a lot written about this, this article's ok as a 
> starting point:
> <http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20110201/10252412910/homeland-security-seizes-spanish-domain-name-that-had-already-been-declared-legal.shtml>
> I hope At Large will issue a statement protesting the use of the TLD 
> registry as a means of takedown. That it recommends when the NET, ORG 
> and COM contracts are renegotiated they should move to a jurisdiction 
> where such unilateral action by a government is not possible.  That 
> the new applicant guidebook require applicants to only locate in 
> jurisdictions where such unilateral action by a government is not 
> possible.
> Legitimate businesses should not be subject to the whim of a U.S. agency.
> Adam
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