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Thu Feb 21 13:42:12 UTC 2019

Dear All

I hope all is well with you.

Just as we are getting to the final stage of deciding or selecting/electing
the 60 leaders for the Atlas 3 conference, I am compelled to draw
attention to some intrigues being played out by certain interests within
the various subgroups.

This concern has to do with the subtle attempt to marginalize equal
representations from all regions. I am discussing with our members in other
groups and the complaints are similar.

By this I mean, with the arguments and positions in the last conference
call, its is glaring for all to note that, if we do not resist the
undercurrent of intrigues, at play, AFRALO and some other regions may lose
out in the final selection of leaders to the conference with large numbers
coming from Europe and America followed by Latin America.

May I propose that, every AFRALO member in all the ATLAS 3 sub committees
to push for equal regional representation as the first yardstick of
selecting representatives to the conference. For example, since 60 leaders
are to be selected, it should be divided amongst the 5 regions making 12
each for each region. Then, let each region now apply both their hard and
soft matrix to decide who attends the conference.

It is a misnomer for any group of leaders to have a meeting within the
meeting to decide for the entire group.

This proposal is very fair and justifiable because the goal is to build
Atlas future leaders and this can only happen under a level playing field.

I hope I am speaking the minds of all who have the interest of our region
at heart. This is not a period to sit on the fence but to take our future
in our own hands in ICANN. Lets begin to play the games others have been
playing which has not favoured us before now.

*Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON*

*-Financial Secretary, Central Association of Nigerians in the United

*-Executive President/CEO-Nurses Across the Borders-An NGO in Special
Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United

*-Designated Contact Person-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate

*-International Liaison Officer-Nigerian Nurses Charitable

*-Board Member-Conference of NGOS in Special Consultative Status with the
United Nations-CONGO*

*-Member Steering Committee Regional Committee for Africa-CONGO*

*-General Secretary, Civil Society Network of NGOs on Climate Change*

*-Fellow Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN*
*-Fellow Open Society Institute-Budapest*
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