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> Dear All
> I hope all is well with you.
> Just as we are getting to the final stage of deciding or
> selecting/electing the 60 leaders for the Atlas 3 conference, I am
> compelled to draw attention to some intrigues being played out by certain
> interests within the various subgroups.
> This concern has to do with the subtle attempt to marginalize equal
> representations from all regions. I am discussing with our members in other
> groups and the complaints are similar.
> By this I mean, with the arguments and positions in the last conference
> call, its is glaring for all to note that, if we do not resist the
> undercurrent of intrigues, at play, AFRALO and some other regions may lose
> out in the final selection of leaders to the conference with large numbers
> coming from Europe and America followed by Latin America.
> May I propose that, every AFRALO member in all the ATLAS 3 sub committees
> to push for equal regional representation as the first yardstick of
> selecting representatives to the conference. For example, since 60 leaders
> are to be selected, it should be divided amongst the 5 regions making 12
> each for each region. Then, let each region now apply both their hard and
> soft matrix to decide who attends the conference.
> It is a misnomer for any group of leaders to have a meeting within the
> meeting to decide for the entire group.
> This proposal is very fair and justifiable because the goal is to build
> Atlas future leaders and this can only happen under a level playing field.
> I hope I am speaking the minds of all who have the interest of our region
> at heart. This is not a period to sit on the fence but to take our future
> in our own hands in ICANN. Lets begin to play the games others have been
> playing which has not favoured us before now.
> Best
> *Pastor Peters Osawaru OMORAGBON*
> *-Financial Secretary, Central Association of Nigerians in the United
> Kingdom-CANUK*
> *-Executive President/CEO-Nurses Across the Borders-An NGO in Special
> Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United
> Nations-ECOSOC*
> *-Designated Contact Person-United Nations Framework Convention on Climate
> Change-UNFCCC*
> *-International Liaison Officer-Nigerian Nurses Charitable
> Association-NNCA-UK*
> *-Board Member-Conference of NGOS in Special Consultative Status with the
> United Nations-CONGO*
> *-Member Steering Committee Regional Committee for Africa-CONGO*
> *-General Secretary, Civil Society Network of NGOs on Climate Change*
> *-Fellow Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers-ICANN*
> *-Fellow Open Society Institute-Budapest*
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