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Dear Aziz,Good work.I join others in congratulating you about NomCom.
Regards,Adetokunbo Abiola

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Dear Aziz,
Thank you for this beautiful work that would facilitates the transition and the good follow-up actions. Congratulations for your new responsibilities on NomCom.
Best Regards,
2017-07-26 23:48 GMT+02:00 Coovi Hermann Sossoumihen <hermann.sossoumihen at isoc.sn>:

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Dear Aziz,Thanks all for this great job and sharing. It's allow new comers like me to be more informed in order to be more involved.Regards.Coovi HermannMember ISOC Senegal.

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Dear all, Daniel Nanghaka and Tijani BEN JEMAA prepared the below draft AFRALO Outreach andEngagement Strategy for FY18.If you have any comment, please send it on this listas soon as possible, and not after Monday 31 July 2017. ------------------------DraftAFRALO FY18 Outreach and Engagement Strategy IntroductionAFRALOhas achieved tremendous success in outreach and engagement within the regionespecially with its participation in Africa Internet Summit and AFRINICMeetings. We have achieved a high rise in the number of ALSes to current 53 African ALSes. Aim of the StrategyWith theimportant increase in the number of ALSes, the strategy of FY18 will focus onEngagement of the end users and will aim at:   
   - Reaching out to African end users allover Africa to enhance engagement in the policy development processes and allother ICANN activities   

   - Promoting the ICANN multi-stakeholdermodel and its bottom-up decision making process   

   - Continuing the effort of recruitment ofnew members (At-Large Structures and/or individual members)   

 Strategy planTo reachthe aims of the strategy, AFRALO shall:   
   - Participate in events across Africa to:   

   - Organize engagement sessions to present AFRALO, At-Large and ICANN tothe event participants, explaining mission, constituencies and activities.
   - Make use of all breaks and social events to do the adequate outreach tobring African Internet organizations and individuals into ICANN Arena and makethem interested to be involved in the processes
   - Make presentations about topics under discussion in ICANN to show howthe African ICANN community participate effectively in the ICANN policydevelopment
   - Organize local events, in partnership with the local ALSes to enhancetheir engagement and broaden their radiance in their respective countries   

   - Continue to identify universities and academic institutions to organizefruitful discussions with students and teachers about Internet and ICANN tobring young people into ICANN through these Open Sessions   

 Engagement Events targetedThe engagement will be done atvarious forums within the Africa Region. The following non-exhaustive listidentifies some targeted events:   
   - AFRINIC Meetings 2017 - AFRINIC 27   

   - Africa Internet Governance Forum 2017 – AfIGF 2017   

   - Africa Internet Summit 2018 – AIS’18   

Best RegardsAziz HilaliAFRALO Chair

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