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Let's be adult people with a certain amount of maturity, more specifically
when we are discussing online. It is true that we already know each other
physically. Reason more a maximum of tolerance in terms and terms that we

We are not terrorist activists but we are supposed to represent a good bang
in the user community.
We are not in tow with anyone and still less influenced by inflammatory
remarks. We must respect ourselves and this is a sign of basic education.

We have been in jo'burg and the question of individual members has not been
We have specific points that have necessitated a discussion in the working
Freedom of expression is guaranteed but freedom is limited to a certain

Pastor Peters may have his reasons but it is necessary to raise the tone to
a level as degrading as it can be. We are in a dynamic that responds to the
logic of a systemic system where all the stakeholders have to find common

I urge more lucidity and understanding. When the majority votes, the
minority has the right to express itself while accepting the logic of the
way of the majority.



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2017-07-17 2:24 GMT+01:00 Peters Omoragbon <petersomoragbon at gmail.com>:

> Information Mauritius.
> The decision of the GA presided over by Aziz and supported by both Tijani
> and Fatimata was for the ENTIRE recommendations to be revisted by the ROP
> Workgroup and then brought to the house for votes.  Even when Tijani tried
> to push in the individual membership as having been concluded it was
> rejected by the house. They promised to work with the Icann staff for
> extension.  This Tijani told the GA in the morning of Thursday that it was
> over. But in the afternoon he tried to push for the individual membership
> to be adopted.  We opposed it. In fact Baduoine echoed the position of the
> entire house.
> That was the correct account.  But the question now is why is Aziz pushing
> for that now and using ALAC as a defence.
> We will vote on all items but we must respect our rules and procedures and
> stop this band wagon support of every and anything pushed forward by an
> Aziz; Tijani; Bashir or Fatimata. Let us be objective for once and put
> AFRALO first before self.
> The GA resolution cannot be modified or changed except by another GA but
> the resolutions would have to be respected before any change.
> Thanks
> Peters Omoragbon
> On 17 Jul 2017 01:38, "Kris Seeburn" <seeburn.k at gmail.com> wrote:
>> chair
>> No objection from isoc mauritius on that matter as I think we had a
>> consensus on that matter and the roles and powers were hereto stated.
>> So from us no objection. We are in support. However if I am not wrong it
>> is the second motion about votes that was not seen through.
>> Kris
>> On 17 Jul 2017, at 00:37, Peters Omoragbon <petersomoragbon at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> Dear Mr. Aziz
>> Thank you for your information and once again I apologise for my
>> unavoidable absence during the last call.
>> On the issue in reference I oppose to any vote to be taken via electronic
>> means save for at a General Assembly  on the following grounds
>> 1. Please provide the transcript or link to the transcript of the ALAC
>> Meeting where the decision passed to you by the ALAC Chair was tsken.
>> 2. Ralos from icann set rules are to set their own guidelines which does
>> not conflict with icann rules of procedure for effective coordination of
>> their (RALOS) activities. If one is to decipher your information it
>> presupposes that ALAC is giving Ralos an ultimatum to take a decision on
>> issue(s) that is yet to receive consensus of the GA
>> 3. No decision was taken on any item at the GA once the GA resolved that
>> ALL items be referred back to the ROP WORKGROUP and represented to the GA.
>> So even though you are the chair of AFRALO you cannot over rulr the highest
>> decision making body of AFRALO -the GA.
>> 4. ROP WORKGROUP meeting is yet to be called and that is what should be
>> done asap.
>> 5. Of what emergent benefit is individual membership that it should
>> override other pressing issues confronting AFRALO to warrant this present
>> pressure?
>> Your call for a vote is procedurally defective and undemocratic.  It is
>> an attempt to rush Afralo to make decision through the back door for the
>> benefit of vested interests and individuals.
>> We oppose this motion.
>> Thank you.
>> Pastor Peters Omoragbon
>> On 16 Jul 2017 21:07, "Aziz Hilali via AFRI-Discuss" <
>> afri-discuss at atlarge-lists.icann.org> wrote:
>>> <English>
>>> Dear Members,
>>> As per the information shared during our monthly call, It is been
>>> brought to our attention by the ALAC Chair that as per the first ALAC
>>> review requirements and the current At-Large Review (on-going)
>>> recommendations, the RALOs are tasked with ensuring individual membership.
>>> Therefore we need to get this particular item completed with.
>>> As you may recall during the General Assembly in Johannesburg, this
>>> particular recommendation of the working group gained traction but we could
>>> not formerly record it due to other recommendations and time constraints.
>>> In view of this, I suggest we separate this recommendation on individual
>>> membership which already gained traction and pass that now to comply with
>>> At-Large reviews requirements.
>>> For reference, below is the link to the latest version of the
>>> "Individual Membership » recommendation distributed in Johannesburg:
>>> https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/Individual+Member
>>> ship+-+AFRALO+ROP+Review
>>> Item 7 of the recommendation currently reads as follows:
>>> The individual membership issue will be reviewed in 2019 to reconsider
>>> their rights and duties of unaffiliated members in light of the 2018
>>> experience.
>>> I propose to modify it in this way:
>>> "The individual membership issue will be reviewed by or before 2 years
>>> after implementation to reconsider the rights and duties of unaffiliated
>>> members in light of experience gained during initial trial"
>>> I hereby, as AFRALO Chair, call for any objection to approving the
>>> conditions under which individual membership will be implemented as
>>> presented in the above recommendation.
>>> Kindly provide your response within 72hrs
>>> Best regards
>>> Aziz HILALI
>>> AFRALO Chair
>>> ---------------------------
>>> <French>
>>> Chers membres,
>>> D'après les informations partagées lors de notre téléconférence
>>> mensuelle, le président de l’ALAC a attiré notre attention sur le fait que
>>> les RALO sont appelés à accepter les adhésions individuelles, et ce suivant
>>> les exigences de la première revue de l’ALAC et les recommandations de la
>>> revue actuelle d’At-Large, Par conséquent, nous devons finir ce point
>>> particulier sans plus tarder.
>>> Comme vous le savez, lors de l’assemblée Générale à Johannesburg, cette
>>> recommandation du groupe de travail a été approuvée, mais nous n’avions pas
>>> pu l’officialiser à cause du fait que toutes les recommandations étaient
>>> dans un même document et que le temps ne nous a pas permis de les finir
>>> toutes. Pour cela, je suggère que nous séparons cette recommandation sur
>>> l’adhésion individuelle pour se conformer avec les exigence des revues
>>> d’At-Large.
>>> Pour référence, voici le lien de la toute dernière version distribuée à
>>> Johannesburg de la recommandation relative à l’adhésion individuelle:
>>> https://community.icann.org/display/AFRALO/Individual+Member
>>> ship+-+AFRALO+ROP+Review
>>> Le point 7 de la recommandation dit:
>>> La question des droits et devoirs des membres individuels sera
>>> réexaminée en 2019 au vue de l’expérience de 2018.
>>> Je propose de le modifier pour devenir:
>>> «La question des droits et devoirs des membres individuels sera
>>> réexaminée 2 ans après la mise en oeuvre (ou avant) au vue de l’expérience
>>> de la période d’essai».
>>> En ma qualité de Président d’AFRALO, je demande s’il y a des objections
>>> pour l’approbation des conditions sous lesquelles l’adhésion individuelle
>>> sera appliquée comme présenté dans la recommandation mentionnée.
>>> Prière répondre dans les 72 heures.
>>> Cordialement
>>> Aziz Hilali
>>> AFRALO Chair
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