[AFRI-Discuss] Regional Advice Urgently needed

PETERS OMORAGBON petersomoragbon2 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 19 00:10:20 UTC 2014

I do not understand the point you re driving at.
If you re conversant with the ICANN process ,you re to direct such queries to the ICANN Staff. Besides, you should direct your attention to the ALAC site for applications received 
Unless, you have other reasons known to you unknown to us. How did you know the application has not meant the criteria? It is curious that you are raising these issues now whereas you have been silent in previous applications . Phillip do not need to remind you of any criteria. As an ALS you should know that by now.

Pastor Peters Omoragbon. Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Executive President Nurses Across The Borders. Treasurer Central Association of Nigerians in the UK -CANUK. International Liaison Officer, Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association UK

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Subject: Re: Regional Advice Urgently needed

Dear Philip, Hi All,
Thanks for  sharing this news. In the first place, you did forget to
attach the said Application.  To me there are conditions or criteria
to be meet in order to become an ALS. That is where we have to base
our energy before considering the said application. If possible remind
us of the conditions or criteria so that we can reason together in
this matter.


On 18/08/2014, Philip Fomba JOHNSON <johnsonpf1 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear colleagues,
> AFRALO has received an ALS application for “Our Rights, based in Nigeria”
> seeking Accreditation as an At-Large Structure (ALS) and Membership to
> We are kindly ask you to provide us with your advice and comments on this
> application. You will find attached the Application for "At-Large
> Structure" (ALS) of ““Our Rights,
> Best Regards
> Philip F Johnson
> Secretary/AFRALO
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Chers collègues,
>  AFRALO a reçu une demande de l'ALS pour «“Our Rights. » pour
> l'accréditation d'un Structure(ALS) d' ”At-Large” et un membre d’ AFRALO.
> Nous vous prions de nous communiquer votre avis sur cette demande. Vous
> trouverez ci-joint la demande de "At-Large Structure" (ALS) de «“Our Rights
> Mes salutations
>  Philip F Johnson
> Secrétaire/AFRALO

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