[AFRI-Discuss] Re : ICANN - At-Large Summit Meeting - Visas to attend Meeting - URGENT

Gabriel BOMBAMBO Boseko gbombambo at yahoo.fr
Thu Feb 5 06:48:31 EST 2009

Hi Alex,

I am in Congo now. I was in Nairobi for 5 days. Why you didn't ask us to travel (with the ICANN sponsor fees) in past to get visa. Now I think, the time in very short to plan any travel !!!




--- En date de : Jeu 5.2.09, Alex Trujillo <alex at kc-a.com> a écrit :
De: Alex Trujillo <alex at kc-a.com>
Objet: ICANN - At-Large Summit Meeting - Visas to attend Meeting - URGENT
À: gbombambo at yahoo.fr
Cc: "Stacy Hoffberg" <stacy.hoffberg at icann.org>
Date: Jeudi 5 Février 2009, 3h48

We are continuing with our efforts to assist with 
your Mexican Visa needs.  We understand from BCD travel that all 
African and Indian delegates will need to obtain their Mexican Visa before 
applying for their Transit Visas to travel to the At-Large Summit 
in Mexico City.  
You will 
need to do the following to secure your Mexican 
1.  You should 
have already made an appointment with the Mexican Consulate nearest your 
location. If you have not, it is imperative you make an 
appointment in person immediately and confirm with them what 
paperwork you will need to complete and present.  
We have 
listed below the nearest Mexican Consulate to you.  If you need to fly 
to this location to obtain the Mexican Visa, ICANN will pay for the air 
transportation.  You will need to contact BCD Travel to make these travel 
arrangements.  They have your name on a list to authorize 
this request.  
2.  You should 
have a Letter of Invitation from ICANN to attend the At-Large Summit.  
Attached is your Letter of Invitation which is needed when applying for your 
3.  You will 
receive via email no later than February 6, a Sponsor Letter from Enrique 
Bustamante (ICANN's Local Host in Mexico City).  You will also need this 
letter when applying for your Visa.
4.  To continue 
to assist,  you need to send via email a color copy of the 
page in your passport that has the photo and vital information on 
it.  We are working with an ICANN representative from Mexico City to assist 
us with securing your Mexican Visas.  He may need this information to 
expedite your request.  Please send to us 

no later 
than 23:00 UTC Thursday - Feb 5.
5.  On Friday - 
Feb 6 we will email instructions from BCD Travel on how to obtain your 
Transit Visa.  
Mexican Embassy - 
Address:  Kibagare Way, Loresho
City:  Nairobi
Teléfono:  + 254 2 
Fax:  + 254 2 581-500
E-Mail:  mexico at embamexken.com
If you have 
any questions or concerns, please contact me. 

Sincere Regards,
Alejandra Trujillo
ICANN At-Large-Summit
Meeting Coordinator
P:  +1 (480) 403-4612
F:  +1 (480) 893-7775
alex at kc-a.com


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